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Beach Wire & Cable has served the industrial marketplace for over 30 years.  Whether you are a low voltage lighting contractor or a large Municipality; we can provide you with the products for all your application needs.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Cable
Flexible Control Cable
Flexible Power Cable (600 Volt)
Power Cable (600 Volt)
Instrumentation Cable (300 Volt)
Instrumentation Cable (600 Volt)
Industrial Power Cable (600 Volt)
Multi-Conductor Control Cable
Armored Power and Control Cable
Industrial Armored Cable (600V – 28kV)
Medium Voltage Power Cable

Control & Instrumentation
Medium Voltage Power
Tray Cable
Flexible and Portable
Hook-Up Wire
Type VFD
Mining Cable

Fiberglass Fish Tape
Cable Ties
Electrical and Telephone Tape
Fiber Wipes

Hook-Up Wire & Lead Wire
PVC – UL 1007, UL 1015 and UL 1061
Irradiated PVC – UL 1429, UL 1430 and UL 1431
UL 1275/UL 1056, UL 1276/UL 1060
Mil Spec Hook Up Wire
PTFE Hook Up Wire (M16878 series)
Neoprene Lead Wire
UL 3239 High Voltage Lead Wire (HVSR)
UL 3257 Silicone Gas Ignition Wire
UL 3321/UL 3505 Hook Up Wire
UL 10086 Wire
Harmonized PVC Hook Up Wire
EPDM Cable
Wire Wrap (UL – 1422/1423/1508/1516)
Building Wire – THHN and TFFN)

Portable Cord & Power Cable
Thermostat Wire
SJT Cable and SVT Cable
Type SJ, SJO, SJOW, SJOOW Portable Cord
Type SOOW Cable
SOW Cable and SO Cord
SEOW Cable and STOOW Cable
STO Cable and STOW Cable
Type W Portable Power Cable
Stage Lighting Cable
Welding Cable
Low voltage Lighting Cable
DLO Cable

Fiber Optic Cable
Indoor and Outdoor
Multimode and Singlemode
Air blown Fiber Solutions
Low Smoke and Halogen Free

UTP Copper Cable
Category Cable 5e, 6,  6e and C6a
Multi-Pair Indoor and Cat 3

Fiber Assemblies
Fiber Optic Cables
Break Out Kits
Cross Connect Shelves and Enclosures
Fiber Jumpers
Connectors and Kits

Cable Management
Wire Managers
Surface Raceway
Splice Covers
End Caps
Cable Tray
Velcro Cable Ties
Wire Managers
D Rings
Wall Brackets
Hanging Supports
Under Floor Supports
Cable Ties

Fire and Burglar Alarm
Fire Alarm Cable
Security Cable
FPLR Non-Plenum Cable
FPLP Plenum Cable
Equipment Monitoring Alarms
Control Panels
Horns and Strobes

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