Grounding/Surge Protection/Firestop







A lot of what we call grounding is really shielding. The shield is a metal case or wrapping that is supposed to protect the internal wiring from picking up unwanted currents from any magnetic fields that pass by. Our buildings are cluttered with many such fields, generated by distant radio stations and nearby AC wiring. In order for a shield to do its thing, it must be connected to ground, and there must be no current flowing through the shield itself.

For safety reasons, the government has decreed that all external metal parts of electrical equipment must be connected to a stake in the dirt outside the building. This safety ground connection is supposed to short out the power and trip a circuit breaker instead of electrocuting somebody if the power wiring comes in contact with the case.








Surge Protection
Companies, Hospitals, Fire Departments, and People in general are increasingly incorporating electrical and electronic equipment into their day to day lives.  As the demand for this data sensitive equipment grows, so does the demand to protect it.   Transient surge such as lightning, electrostatic discharge, switching, and power frequency can cause malfunctioning that results in downtime and even destruction of equipment. Surge Protection Devices can help minimize loss and keep systems running.






As the push to seal openings and joints in fire-resistant wall and floor application grows; it is becoming more and more common to use passive fire protection systems to ensure certifications and safety.  Unprotected openings can void fire-resistance ratings and allow the spread of fire past a contained room or floor.  These products, fueled by the large number of fires being made public, can stop smoke and fire spreading thru a building at will.  With the risk of losing property and life mounts, one can no longer rely on active components like fire sprinklers and smoke detectors alone.  It is passive components main job to stop the spread of smoke and fire before it starts.  Beach Wire and Cable stocks these products to assist you in any and all surge protection and firestop applications.



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