Superior Essex -Introduction of the Reduced Diameter 10Gain XP Category 6A Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP) Cable

Atlanta, GA, January 21, 2013

Superior Essex Communications LP announces the new and improved 10Gain XP Category 6A Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables with an industry-leading, nominal diameter of 0.275 inches. The redesigned 10Gain XP cable offers customers a smaller cable size that allows for higher cable density in conduits, pathways, and shelves. In addition, the smaller form-factor of the cable makes deployment easier.

Each cable is constructed with a unique, non-conducting Isolation Wrap around the core that blocks Alien Crosstalk (AXT), which is electromagnetic interference from adjacent cables. This cable maintains the same 3 dB AXT margin performance over the requirements of ANSI/TIA-568-C.2.

“The new reduced diameter 10Gain XP CAT 6A cable provides our customers with improved space utilization in horizontal and vertical pathways, while maintaining the same great performance that our customers need to run their data center applications,” says Dr. Paul Neveux, Director of Premises Product Management at Superior Essex Communications LP.

The Superior Essex 10Gain XP CAT 6A cables are also part of the NextLAN AXi cabling system that offers 4 dB of AXT margin over ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 requirements, which aids in supporting higher data rate demands as well as future technologies. The electrical performance of the system exceeds industry requirements for permanent link with lengths as short as 10 ft. This attribute is extremely important for data centers, since many other CAT 6A cabling systems often do not meet all permanent link electrical requirements in these short lengths.

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About Superior Essex Superior Essex Inc. manufactures a broad portfolio of wire and cable products and accessories with primary applications in communications, magnet wire/winding wire, energy, and related distribution markets. It is a leading manufacturer and supplier of copper and fiber optic communication wire and cable products and accessories to telephone companies, distributors, and system integrators. It is a premier manufacturer and distributor of magnet wire/winding wire (including related enamel coating materials) and fabricated insulation products to major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in motors, transformers, generators, and electrical controls and a distributor of insulation and related products to smaller OEMs and motor repair facilities. It also offers low voltage, energy efficient cable products to service the Commercial, Industrial, and Utility markets for control systems, audio, intercoms, energy management, and alarm controls.

Siemon Introduces Contractor-Friendly Angled HD Patch Panels

Watertown, CT — Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to expand its patch panel line with new Angled HD Patch Panels. Available in 24- and 48-port versions and in both Category 5e and Category 6, the new angled panels offer higher density and installer-friendly features.

Designed for use where patch cables are managed within the vertical channel, the new Angled HD patch panels feature the same innovative rear cable management and superior electrical performance as Siemon’s popular line of flat HD style patch panels. The HD5 series angled panels exceed Category 5e specifications with component and channel performance to 160 MHz. The HD6 angled series panels exceed Category 6 specifications for all pair combinations up to 250 MHz. Designed with the installer in mind, the panels are offered in both standard and contractor bulk packaging and can be easily mounted in EIA standard 19-inch racks or cabinets. They feature a write-on area for panel and port identification on both the front and rear of the panel, as well as a front surface uninterrupted by screw heads for a clean, professional appearance.

“The new Angled HD patch panels are built with the quality and durability that installers have come to expect from our contractor-friendly patch panels,” says Robert Carlson, vice president of global marketing at Siemon. “These new angled versions offer higher density while simplifying installation and cable management through superior port accessibility and integrated rear cable managers that properly guide cables to the point of termination.”

The Category 5e Angled HD5 panels use S110 termination modules compatible with Siemon’s multi-pair impact tool that significantly reduces installation time. The Category 6 Angled HD6 panels use S310 termination modules with pyramid wire entry that separates paired and bonded-paired conductors when lacing cables for fast, easy installation. Through its flat and angled HD, MAX,  Z-MAX, and TERA-MAX patch panel offerings, Siemon delivers the most comprehensive range of UTP and shielded customer applications from Category 5e to Category 7A.

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Siemon Introduces XGLO™ RazorCore™ Fiber Trunking Assemblies

Watertown, CT — Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, is pleased to expand its comprehensive line of fiber trunking solutions with  XGLO RazorCore assemblies. Siemon’s RazorCore cables have a significantly reduced cable outside diameter (OD) for maximum space savings and air flow.

Available in OM3 and OM4 laser-optimized multimode fiber and in singlemode fiber, XGLO RazorCore Assemblies provide an efficient, cost-effective alternative to individual field-terminated components. By combining the performance of factory termination with the reduced OD of Siemon’s RazorCore fiber, these new assemblies ensure both superior reliability and space utilization in data centers, Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Local Area Networks (LANs), while offering up to 75% faster deployment over traditional field termination. Compatible with all Siemon fiber enclosures, the new XGLO RazorCore assemblies feature an optional encapsulated protection sleeve with cable pulling eye to fully protect the fibers during installation.

“When selecting a fiber optic solution for our data centers, we wanted a solution that was fully scalable and allowed for the maximum density possible,” says customer Jean François Tremblay, Data Center Manager  at Orange Business Services (a subsidiary of France Telecom), who recently installed XGLO RazorCore fiber trunking assemblies. “With Siemon’s reduced diameter RazorCore we were confident that the product could accommodate future growth both in space, due to the reductions in tray and pathway fill, and bandwidth, with the straight-forward upgrade path.”

“Siemon precision cable assemblies are 100% inspected for superior performance and enhance the installation method popular in today’s data centers. By expanding our offering with smaller-diameter RazorCore assemblies, our customers also obtain an average 50% size reduction compared to traditional assemblies,” says Kevin Stronkowsky, Fiber Optic Product Manager at Siemon. “This results in less cable tray fill, reduced pathway restrictions and better airflow—all of which support higher densities with improved efficiency and reduced cost.”

Warranted for 20 years, XGLO RazorCore Fiber Assemblies come with 900um simplex breakout, 2.0mm duplex breakout, simplex and duplex SC or LC connector types, as well as SC-LC hybrid options. The RoHS-compliant assemblies are available in a variety of jacket ratings, including Riser, Plenum and Low-Smoke, Zero Halogen. Available with 12, 24, 36 or 48 fiber counts, custom assemblies are easily created with Siemon’s flexible part number scheme to meet specific customer specifications and performance needs. Each XGLO RazorCore Assembly is designated for proper connector orientation, coded with a unique identification number and individually packaged with a dual shelf reel to protect connectivity during payout.

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Siemon Releases New Full-line Catalog for North America

Watertown, CT — Siemon, the global infrastructure specialist, announces the release of its newest full-line catalog for North America. Available at no cost, this 248-page publication features the latest information on Siemon’s network cabling, connectivity and data center solutions, including standards compliance, application examples and detailed product specifications.  Representing more than a century of Siemon expertise, this new catalog is the essential guide to the industry’s leading commercial cabling products.

The new full-color, intuitive catalog details the latest innovations in each of Siemon’s high-performance product sets, including performance leading end-to-end TERA® category 7A/Class FA, Z-MAX® Category 6A solutions as well as a complete line of high-quality category 6 and 5e copper cabling systems.  The catalog also covers Siemon’s comprehensive family of optical fiber cable and connectivity solutions, including MTP-based plug and play in addition to innovative cabinets, power and cooling, and intelligent infrastructure management for today’s complex data centers.

This new full-line catalog also includes Siemon’s most popular legacy products such as Siemon’s CT Series Couplers and S66 Connecting Block options that were not included in recent Siemon System catalogs.

Some of the newest Siemon innovations featured in the new catalog include:

  • Ultra-Efficient IcePack Cooling Door System, a scalable rear door heat exchanger that uses passive liquid cooling to offer a cooling capacity of 31kW per cabinet for challenging data center hotspots.
  • Innovative Intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that distribute power to network equipment while providing real-time monitoring for saving energy and maximizing uptime in the data center.
  • Feature-rich V600 Cabinets, a cost-effective 600mm (24 in) server cabinet that is ideal for use with VersaPOD cabinets and provides lightweight stability, accessibility and superior airflow.
  • Universal Modular Furniture Adapter for securely mounting work area network connectivity in common modular furniture systems while maintaining performance-critical bend radius.
  • New MapIT® G2 infrastructure management solutions, including an interconnect option for tracking connectivity between switches and smart patch panels and a plug-and-play multi-fiber option.
  • High-quality RouteIT™ Cable Tray and J-hooks available in an array of sizes and mounting options to support a wide variety of data center and network pathway configurations.

The new catalog offers detailed information on Siemon’s comprehensive line of products:

  • End-to end copper and fiber network cabling and connectivity solutions
  • Fiber enclosures and splicing accessories
  • Intelligent infrastructure management
  • Work area products and accessories
  • Racks, enclosures and cable management
  • Data center cabinets and power and cooling solutions
  • High-speed interconnects
  • Ruggedized/Industrial connectivity solutions
  • Specialty tools and testers

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Leviton Fiber Optics Trunk Cables Successfully Tested in 40 GbE Data Center Bridging Event

January 31, 2013, Bothell, Washington – Leviton announced the successful testing of its Opt-X® Unity 40G/100G Pre-terminated MTP® Trunk Cables in a 40 GbE channel using multi-vendor core Ethernet switches and QSFP optical transceivers. The testing of Leviton’s Opt-X Trunk Cables was conducted at the Ethernet Alliance’s TeraFabric Plugfest, held at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory. The event focused on testing the interoperability of cabling, test equipment, network adapters, storage systems and switches built to support IEEE 802.1 Data Center Bridging (DCB) standards and draft standards.

The event saw the industry’s first multi-vendor public test of the official IEEE Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX) standard 802.1Qaz. In addition, 40 GbE was successfully tested for the first time in a multi-vendor DCB environment. Cabling vendors also performed thorough signal integrity testing for direct-attach copper cables. Test cases were run using direct-attach passive and active copper cables as well as direct-attach active optical cables.

“The Ethernet Alliance’s TeraFabric Plugfest was a great opportunity for Leviton and other leading vendors to demonstrate interoperability,” said Dave Mullen, senior product manager, fiber, for Leviton Network Solutions. “Engaging in collaborations like Plugfest demonstrates Leviton’s commitment to helping customers adopt and deploy next generation Ethernet applications.”

The Leviton Opt-X Unity system, which includes trunks, harnesses, array cords and MTP cassettes, allows for a straightforward migration path to 40 GbE or 100 GbE performance, and is backwards compatible with existing Gigabit or 10 GbE networks. The system meets the tight optical cabling channel insertion loss (IL) requirements specified in the IEEE standard, from 2.6 dB for 10 GbE to 1.9 dB for OM3 40/100 GbE and 1.5 dB for OM4 40/100 GbE. The 24-fiber MTP system offers at least double the density in fiber enclosures than legacy 12-fiber cabling, and it allows for fewer cable pathways and improved air-flow in data centers.

Additional information about the TeraFabric Plugfest and other Ethernet Alliance interoperability events is available at For information on Leviton Network Solutions, visit

About Leviton Network Solutions Leviton Network Solutions delivers complete network infrastructure systems for enterprise, data center, government, education, health care and residential markets around the globe. Solutions include copper and fiber optic connectivity, power distribution units, and much more. All Leviton products are engineered to exacting standards, offer industry-leading performance and are backed by the industry’s best service and support. Builders, contractors and other industry professionals consistently rank Leviton products as the most preferred brand in the industry.  Make the smart choice for a better network. Learn more at or

About Leviton Leviton is the smart choice, providing the most comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of today’s residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Leveraging more than a century of experience, Leviton helps customers create sustainable, intelligent environments through its electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, and lighting energy management systems. From switches and receptacles, to daylight harvesting controls, networking systems, and equipment for charging electric vehicles, Leviton solutions help customers achieve savings in energy, time and cost, all while enhancing safety. For more information, visit,, or

Hall Research 2012 Catalog Available

Hall Research is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative Video over CATx, matrix switchers, scaling and automation products. As the creators of the device that revolutionized Video over Cat5, the Mini-Cat®, Hall Research has risen to prominence in the Audio/Video industry. Our products are used by every major industry in thousands of installations worldwide.

Hall Research supplies cutting-edge video distribution, switching, scaling, conversion and control systems that find extensive application in the following areas:

  • Corporate A/V Presentation Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • Airport Security
  • Broadcast Industry
  • Courtroom Evidence Presentation
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Schools and Training Facilities

From our research and manufacturing headquarters located in Tustin, California, the team at Hall Research is committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions for your most demanding needs.


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